1976 Trivia:
Who was President when we graduated?
How much was a gallon of gas?
What horror movie debuted?
Sunday, Monday _____?
Who won the Superbowl?
What computer company was founded?
What three major events took place in 1976?

Lancers Trivia:
Who was our BMOC?
Who was our Homecoming Queen?
What was the date we graduated?
Who was our Senior Class President?
Who was the editor of The Lance?
Where was the Prom held?

Do you remember these people:
Dorothy Ozanne
Rose Miller
Michael St. Marie
Gerald Coutts
Robert Brelsford
John Green

1976 Trivia
1. Jimmy Carter
2. Do you remember???
3. Carrie
4. Happy Days
5. Steelers
6. Apple
7. Bicentennial, Presidential Election, The Olympics

Lancers Trivia
1. Eric Linderman
2. Loren Gorman
3. June 11, 1976
4.   ???
5.  Ingrid Helton  :-)
6.  Bahia Hotel