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The teacher that had the biggest impact on me was Mr. Fetter. It was his persistence and love of the written word that forced me to read my first book.
That book changed my life in that I love to read to this day.
I have shared this story with my kids for years about how a teacher made me read a book, saying that all he wanted was for me to try. He said that as long as I tried to read the book, he would pass me and I wouldn't have to do any more work. Well, it had a huge impact on me and I love to read now. I was able to share this story with Mr. Fetter on Saturday night and was able to thank him for doing this. It brought tears to the old man's eyes, as well as mine.
As we go through life, we mustn't miss the magical moments that are there. This was definitely one of them.  ~ Jim Mahin